Photographic equipment

As we all know, good camera equipment comes at a high price. Sometimes even too much for the taste of our bank account. So to avoid getting angry with their banker, some people have chosen to buy their camera bodies, lenses or even their second-hand accessories.

How then not to be swindled, how to buy in this big second-hand market, without inheriting a defective case, an optic contaminated by fungus or accessories that break on first use?

It’s a chance and a luxury to be able to benefit from equipment that has passed through the rigorous filter of good dealers. Therefore, if you are new to the second-hand market, you should prefer known addresses. It is indeed more risky to start looking for a case or an optic in shops with more eccentric looks or on the Internet. You may also come across faulty equipment. These can be minor, such as oxidation damage… Or more dramatic, such as problems with the sensor or trigger mechanism.

The material sold by specialist shops is, as specified above, not only checked and repaired, but also comes with a guarantee.